What is the information booklet (Carnet d'Information du Logement) about?

The "carnet d'information du logement" is a housing information booklet in France. It serves as a dossier for residential properties, available in digital or paper format, and its purpose is to compile important information and data related to a property's energy performance. This housing information booklet is somewhat analogous to a car's maintenance booklet, which is often stored in the glove compartment of a vehicle. However, in this context, the housing information booklet has become mandatory for all residential properties since January 1, 2023, in contrast to its automotive counterpart.
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01 What is it?
The housing information booklet is a dossier for your property, available in digital or paper format. It compiles the information and data necessary to understand and enhance the energy performance of your property. Similar to a car's maintenance booklet often found in the glove compartment, the housing information booklet is now an essential part of your property and is obligatory for any change of ownership or energy renovation work, unlike its counterpart. This requirement has been in place since January 1, 2023.
02 Who should establish it?
The housing information booklet is created and updated by the property owner, whether they reside in the property or not. As the property owner, it is their responsibility to maintain it, fill it with the specified documents, and transfer it when the property is sold.
03 How to transfer it?
Professionals provide the necessary information to the property owner by default in digital format or in paper format if requested by the owner. For instance, in the case of installing a heating system during renovation, the information to include in the booklet consists of the following: work date, work description, equipment details (brand, model, energy source, power, exhaust method, serial number), operation, maintenance, and care instructions, and energy labeling.
What documents should be included?
  1. Floor plans and/or cross-sections of the property.
  2. Plans, diagrams, and descriptions of networks.
  3. A list and characteristics of materials used.
  4. Equipment operation, maintenance, and care instructions.
  5. Documents related to the energy performance of the property: EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).
  6. Attestation of compliance with thermal and environmental regulations.
  7. Certificates of label issuance.
  8. Certifications.
7 good reasons to create a housing information booklet:
  1. Prepare: Enhance your property for sale.
  2. Organize: Preserve information and access it easily.
  3. Share: Build trust with a potential buyer.
  4. Coordinate: Facilitate the involvement of building and property inspection professionals.
  5. Alert: Minimize surprises during renovations.
  6. Certify: Certify your property's energy status.
  7. Comply: It's obligatory!!! since the "Climate and Resilience" law: LAW No. 2021-1104 of August 22, 2021 - art. 167.